Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Zac and Jamie's Knife Store?

It is! We have been in the knife world for so long we figured it was time to put our own spin on things and do some stuff a little bit differently. 

Why are there only a few products? 

We are starting off really slowly so we can perfect the website and get it ready for everyone to enjoy. If you are asking this question you are one of the first to be here so thank you so much for checking it out!

How can I support you guys if everything is sold out?

Every new video we make we are trying to add a few products to the site. Our videos drop every Friday or Saturday so we will add some inventory on those days. While there is inventory on the website we will have links in our videos to Fort Wild until we sell out. You can also sign up for our Patreon and become a Wild One if you want!

When will my order ship?

With adding the website to all things Wild we have brought on my awesome brother Logan to help with fulfillment. For the time being all orders are shipping within 24hrs of when we received them. 

There is a problem with my order how do I fix it?

The best way right now is to fill out the contact page and we will get you sorted ASAP!