Who Is Fort Wild?

Jamie and Zac founders of Fort Wild with some of their favorite pocket knives.

 Welcome to the secret beginning of something special! If you don't know we are Jamie and Zac. We have been working in the EDC knife world for years making awesome videos, helping brands, and building community. For the last little while we have been making rad informative videos on the Zac In The Wild YouTube channel. Just a few months ago we quit our jobs and decided to make videos full time and do an EDC knife website with our own spin. Jamie moved into Zac's construction project of a house and we are current living on peanut butter/honey sandwiches, Lizard Lunches from the local grocery store, and good vibes. We are regularly joking that we are unemployed and homeless but having a great time working towards ideas we have had for years. 

We have called this our 'secret beginning' because the website you see now is a very basic version of what we have coming. We want to make sure that we have all of our shipping, customer service, and supply chains figured out the best we can before we let the world know what we are doing officially. If you're reading this it means you are a real one! You have clicked a link in one of our videos or found us through some sort of internet sleuthing. Whatever the case is THANK YOU for being here and taking some time. We have some rad stuff planned and are very close to kicking it off in a big way. Until then the website will have growing inventory and we will be doing our best at becoming logistic experts. If you have any questions, issues, or just want to talk please do not hesitate to reach out, Zac is personally handling all customer service inquiries and we would love to have your feedback! Stay sharp and keep your eyes peeled for some big announcements soon.